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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Peanut Kabbab


Peanut Kabbab

I'm back.. :) !! I was enjoying my summer. Today i have Peanut kabbab from my recipe book, this is what i saw in one tv show called 'Adige Aramane' means 'Cooking Palace' in E-tv Kannada. I used to take a book and sit in front of that.. :P, i miss it now :( !! So now just going through my collection of recipes. Peanut Kabbab is simple and very tasty.

I'm contributing this recipe to Sangeeth's - Eat Healthy - Fiber Rich event. Mint and cilantro have fiber in them bur not rich in fiber I guess. I wish she accepts this recipe :) !!. Its an healthy event Sangeeth, enjoyed participating this event.

Here is the recipe..


1 cup boiled Peanuts
Salt as per taste
1/4 cup Bread crumbs
Oil to deep fry

To Grind

3-4 tbsp Mint/Pudina leafs
3-4 tbsp Cilantro leafs
1 tbsp Ginger chopped
1 tbsp Garlic chopped
6-7 Green Chillies
1 tsp cumin seeds

For Batter

2-3 tbsp All purpose flour/Maida
1-2 tbsp Water
pinch of Salt


1. Boiled peanut: Wash the raw peanuts and pressure cook for 2-3 whistle. Croase ground the peanuts in the mixer for 2-3 rounds. (not paste)
2. Grind all the grinding ingredients to a thick paste by adding little water.
3. Now mix the croase grounded peanuts to the grounded thick paste, salt.
4. Make small ball or give shape of your desire.
5. Now mix the maida, salt and water normal batter so that to dip the kabbab balls in them.For a coating.
6. Now roll the coated kabbab in bread crumbs and deep fry in Oil.
7. Peanut Kabbab is ready to be served with tomato sauce or mint/coconut chutney.. Enjoy as I did :)!!

Here comes Peanut Kabbab...

Peanut Kabbab

It goes to.. Sangeeth's

Fiber Rich


FH said...

YUM! Great snack for kids too, nutritious!:)

Uma said...

wow, these kababs look so delicious, archy! they certainly are nutritious.

Sum Raj said...

wht a creative idea of using peanuts as kabab..great..looks good and nutritious

Sagari said...

very nice and new recipe archy yummmm

Meera said...

Great entry, Archy!!

Madhavi said...

Yummmmyyy Kabbab Archy, looks great and delicious. Wonderful recipe dear!!!

Unknown said...

Wow peanut kebabs sounds new and very delicious.I have bookmarked since We are a great fan of peanuts.

Sangeeth said...

great entry dear...I am sangeeth and not sangeetha :)

Cham said...

Sound delicious and crunchy ur kabab Archy :)

Archy said...

Thank you for your sweet words Friends :)!!

Thank you for pointing out Dear :) !!
Sorry for that mistake !!

Sia said...

thats very unique and innovative recipe archy. good to see u back in action:) i used to watch adige aramane with my amma and ajji:)

Kalai said...

Great one, Archana! Very creative idea. :)

Suganya said...

Peanut kabbab sounds so different. Looks so good. Awesome snack for tea. They look so cute. YUM!

Unknown said...

Crispy snack..Nice entry

vandana rajesh said...

Great snack for kids and for the party menu as well. An award for you at my blog. :)

Sailaja Prakash said...

Hi Archana,

I feel like eating ur kebabs. But bad thing it is a photo :(. Will surely give a trial. Thank you for the recipe Archana.

anudivya said...

Wow, peanuts kabbab? Sounds very interesting. Nice idea.