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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hara Bara Matar


Hara Bara Matar

This recipe is just a side dish with little bittle variation. One of my friend told me this, and i have made some variation.
Actually the grinding ingrediants is what my Mother prepares for the palav. So just combined it with Green Peas and it turned out good.
This hold good with roti or Chapathi.

I like the taste and smell of dry and soaked Peas when added to the dishes. So prefer Dry peas than the fresh onces. So I have taken the dry peas and then soaked overnite, for this recipe.

So here is the recipe for Hara Bara Matar Subji.. Totally green green... :) !!


1 cup Green peas - Soaked
1 cup water

To Grind

1/2 cup Cilantro / Coriender leafs
2-3 green chillies
2-3 tbsp Fresh grated Coconut
1 tbsp Garlic Chopped
1 tbsp Ginger Chopped
1 clove, cardamom, Cinnamon


1 tbsp Oil
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
1 stand Curry leafs


1. Soak Green peas overnite or for atleast 5-6 hours.
2. Grind all the listed ingredients to a smooth paste. Dont add more water while grinding. Let it be bit thick.
3. In a pressure cooker heat 1 tbsp of oil and add mustard, curry leafs.
4. After tempering add the grinded paste and saute for 1 min, just to take away the raw smell of the ingredients.
5. Now add soaked green peas, salt and 1 cup of water.
6. Pressure cook untill two whistle. Now green peas subji is ready to be served with roti.

Hara Bara Matar


Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Yumm!!! Looks simple and delicious

Sagari said...

nice and yummy looking curry archana I love that curry with puri a lot

MR said...

nice and green!!
I bet healthy too!

Lakshmi said...

Simple, delicious and fast to make if there are some frozen peas at home. Lovely!!

Finla said...

Delicious.Love them

AnuSriram said...

Sounds tasty and looks wonderful... nice recipe..

Grihini said...

Hey Archy, nice recipe. I think at home we call this as Batani Usli!


Meera said...

I am going to try it today. Will let you know how it comes out. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Meera said...

Hey Archy,
I tried it today. It was really fantastic. I used white peas instead of green ones since they were ready to go in the freezer. Good job! Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe.

Archy said...

Thank you.. one an all !!

Thank you Ramya, Happy cook, Taste of Mysore, Mallurecipe, Anusriram for visiting my blog.. :)..

Sagari.. thanx.. Yup taste great with puri..

Grihini : Batani Usli.. Ya i guess.. actually i dint knew the name, Thanx..
So just named it Hara Bara Matar.. :)..!!

Meera : U tryed it.. great ha..
U liked it.. Thank u dear..!!
Ur welcome.