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Monday, December 31, 2007

Cadbury chocolates to my favorite chocolate event


Cadbury chocolates to my favorite chocolate event

This is my first post for an blog event. Bindiya - In love with food announced "These are a few of my favorite things: Chocolate" target="blank". That's one of the simplest events ever or so I thought! It was all about just posting a picture of your favorite chocolate. I came o know about this event from Meera - Enjoy Indian Food. Thank you Meera.

Here comes my favorite chocolate "Cadbury". As i wanted to participate, i was looking around for chocolates. Suddenly remembered Cadburys celebration chocolates presented by my younger brother before leaving to US. I preseved it as it is very precious, than a diamond for me.. :). I love chocolates specially cadbury's dairy milk, Gems, Five star, candy, Nutties... so on list goes on. Loads of childhood memories treasured with cadbury chocolate.

So here are my favorite chocolates... from India.. !!

Cadbury chocolates

This post goes to Bindiyas...

These are a few of my favorite things: Chocolate


Bindiya said...

That,s the cutest entry I have received so far, thanks Archu!

Archy said...

Thank u Bindiya..

Sagari said...

thats a lovely entry archana

Deepa Mohan said...

Hi Archana
Ur recipes are good. Ur photos look attractive. Will visit ur site often.
Take care.

Grihini said...

aaw..thats such a cute gift from ur brother. :) I love cadbury's too..

Archy said...

Thank u Sagari.

Deepa, Thanx for visiting my site..!!

Grihini, Yup.. whenever i see those chocolate, I rem my bro.. :). Even u love Cadbury's..dats nice..!!

Meera said...

wow! You have a treasure there!! & I see five star too!!:-) Wonderful entry, Archana!!