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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Broccoli Yogurt


Broccoli Yogurt

Hi.. This is my first recipe post on this blog. This is a very simple and easy recipe that usually i prepare it on our fasting days (i.e Ekadasi) once in two week.
Hope u enjoy this blog and broccoli yogurt recipe.

Preparation time 10 min.
Cooking time 5 min.
Serves 2.


One medium broccoli florets
1/2 cup of thick curds(yogurt)
1 table spoon butter
1/2 teaspoon red chilly powder
1 cup water
salt to taste


1.Clean the broccoli and cut into small florets.
2.Boil the broccoli in 1 cup of water and salt.
3.Drain out all the water from the boiled broccoli. Transfer it to a serving bowl.
4.As soon as u drain add butter, so that it mealts up soon when the broccoli is hot.
5.Now add thick curds, chilly powder, salt and mix them up.
6.Broccoli yogurt is ready to be served.

Note: While boiling the broccoli florets dont melt them up.It may take around 5-7 min to be cooked.


Sailaja Prakash said...

Hi Archu,

Your graphical presentation of your pics is really good and creative. Keep it up. I try ur broccoli yogurt. But I cant do fasting.

Sailaja Prakash said...

Hi Archana,

Today, I made your Broccoli Yogurt... I came out good. It is very simple to make and delicious too. Thank you for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

hi, broccoli yoghurt seems wonderful, both healthy and attractive. good luck with it, i am putting it on my favourites now.


nithya said...

hi archana,
i tried ur broccoli tastes good...and now we are taking it regularly...thanks for he healthy recipe

Archy said...

Hi Sailaja,
Thank you dear.. Yup, its simple and easy !!

Hi Anonymous,
Thank you..
Next time pls let me knw ur name..!! :)

Hi Meenakahi,
Thanks.. Dats great u liked it and take it regularly.. :) !!