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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rose syrup


Rose Syrup

The scented Rose syrup is available in any Indian shops. But, I was not able to find it so, had to make it. Its very easy and simple :)..
This can be used it in any dessert or Drink , when you wish to have a rose falvor and color.

Here is the recipe... Enjoy


1/4 cups water
3-4 tsp sugar
1 tsp essence of rose
1 tsp red food colouring


1. Put sugar and water into a heavy pan and dissolve sugar over gentle heat.
2. Add red food color, and boil. Till the water is bit thicken.
3. Cool, then add flavouring. Cool and store in a bottle in the refrigerator.

Note : Can add enough red food colouring to give a strong colour as it will be diluted with many times its volume of milk or water.

Rose syrup


Meera said...

I never made this at home. always used rasna shahi gulab or rooh afza. thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is really a simple way to make rose syrup. Thanks for sharing .

sandhya said...

i love this with milk. Never made it at home.Thanks for sharing this. Can you tell me where to get the essence?

Archy said...

Meera, Shriya,
Its my pleasure :) !!

Welcome dear !!
You can find Rose essence in any Indian Store, Where you get the other essence like Vanilla, Mango an so on.. !!
You can also use Rose water, need to add more in quantity than essence !!

Pooja said...

hmmmmm, so here is the secret behind that lovely pink color :) . you made a perfect rose syrup archy, thanks for sharing the process.

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi archy , your rose syrup reminds me of taking the sip during summer days in India. But rose syrup for rose falooda is very good with nice clour.