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Friday, October 5, 2007

Mango Coconut Burfi


Mango Coconut Burfi

Mango coconut burfi is similar to coconut burfi just add mango pulp just for a change. And see the difference in taste. It taste's slightly Tangy and sweet just like Mangoes but with coconut.


1 cup Mango pulp
11/4 cup coconut powder
½ cup condensed milk
1/4 cup sugar(optional)
Ghee 3 tsp
1 tsp cardamom powder


1. Heat 1 tablespoon ghee and add coconut powder. Fry it for 1-2 minutes till you get the nice coconut smell. Don't brown the coconut powder. This frying is just to take out the rawness of coconut if any. Keep this aside to cool it.
2. In the same non-stick pan,add 1 cup canned sweetened Mango pulp and 2 tsp Ghee,stir until you see the ghee on top and the sauce thickens. For about 10-15 minutes.
3.Now Add the fried coconut powder,Condensed milk,sugar,cardamom powder and mix well. Keep stirring until they form a lump.
4. Add to a greased plate,pat lightly to flatten.
5. Keep it in the freezer for around one hour. Later cut them to the desired shape

1.I used coconut powder that you get easily in any Indian grocery store.
2.Mango pulp can be kesar or alfonso.
3.Sugar is optional, if you feel condensed milk and mango pulp will make the sweetness needed can skip sugar.

Mango Coconut Burfi


Grihini said...

This sounds new to me.. Mango Burfi. Try maadi nodbeku omme.

Roopa said...

thanks for visitng my blog which led me to yours! you have a nice blog too :)

kopguy said...

Your recipe sounds delicious but at what stage do you add condensed milk

Archy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Archy said...

Hey, thanks for pointing out that :) !!
Now i have updated. 2nd stage.. while adding coconut powder an all !!

Thanks for dropping by !!

G said...

Thanks for a delicious recipe. I modified it slightly and made it to give to guests at my son's annaprasan. Everyone loved it--my mom thought I bought it at a local sweet shop! Thanks again.

Archy said...

Thank you for trying my recipe !!
Wow great, let me know changes u made !!

Sailaja Prakash said...

Hi Archana,

Tasted great!!! The taste is similar to "Louse" which is made exclusively with fresh coconut and sugar / jaggery.

Thank you for sharing the sweet with us. Will definitely try this sweet.

Archy said...

Thank you !!Do try !!

sree said...

mango coconut barfi is looking very first time here and u have a nice collection of recipies..