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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mango icecream


Mango Ice cream with an Award

Ice-cream is always associated with me, untill my marriage there was not a day without an icecream or ice candy. As I'm from coastal area, Mangalore always hot weather good for digestion, what ever you eat digested in half an hour. Still remember does childhood days in summer vacation and after lunch my mother used to make me an my brother take a nap, i used to act as i was sleeping and waiting for my mother to fall a sleep. So that i wake up and go to my granny for money to take Ice-candy from icecandy wala :) !! It was like a match fixing that after my mother sleeps i wake up slowly and my grany ready with a money and opens the door lock, run and stop icecandy man 'Icecandy icecandy nilli nilli' (means 'Icecandy icecandy stop stop' in kannada). He used to simle and ask 'yenu beku, candy na lolly na pepsi na'( means ' What you want , candy or lolly or pesi'). Used to take candy, sit in our sitout finish my candy and then enter the house. Later go and sleep with my mommy :)!! Grany was so sweet she never told this to my mother, but she knew that. Later as my little brother grew up, both used to do the same thing, it was so much fun.. memories treasured forever!!

Here come the easy simple and quick Mango Ice cream from Show me the curry, skipped the adding of fresh mango pieces. It was wonderful, both enjoyed eating it. My friend Sailaja has also tried this ice cream, was inspired to make when i tasted at her place, Thank you yaar !!

Sending this to Sunshinemom of "Tongueticklers", hosting an event with the theme Yellow-Food in colors.

Here it comes Mango Ice cream


1 lb tin Mango pulp (i used Keasr Mango pulp)
1 14oz tin Sweetened Condensed milk
1 8oz Whipped topping


1. Pour in all the ingredients in a large bowl, mix them slowly using a hand whisk till all are mixed well.
2. Pour the mixer in a air tight container to avoid crystalization or any container with a closing lid. Freez it around 4-5 hours.
3. After two hour i mixed it and freezes again for 3 more hours.
4. When done, scoop it with the scooper or a round ladle and enjoy Mango ice cream.. as i did Yummy :)!!

Mango Ice cream

Award time

Pavitra of Pakashale as passed on to me this wonderful lemonade Award. Thank you for thinking of me Pavitra, she is also from my place called Kodical in Mangalore cheers.. :) !! Lovey place with all sweet memories..

I wish to pass this on to all my fellow blogger, because all deserve it.. Enjoy friends !!


Pavithra Kodical said...

Mango icecream looks delicious..You
can send this to FIC yellow.

I had a smile on my face when i started reading your post..I know Mangalore and Summer ohh..grandmothers are always sweet :)

Cham said...

Thatis gorgeous, I would love to have it right now

Archy said...

Hey, thanx.. sure i wili send this to FIC yellow !!
Ya,its true.. my grany was a sweet heart,as i was around her all the time:)!!

Thank you Cham.. sure yo can.. grab it :) !!

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

wow looks soooo creamy and yummy Archy.

Purva Desai said...

Ice cream looks simply lip smacking....congrats for the well deserved award..

Kannada Cuisine said...

Wow, the ice cream looks so creamy and no crystals! Love it.. i wish i could grab it right... oo nooo i am not supposed to I have a cold :(

Meera said...

Beautiful picture, Archy!

gtyuk said...

that looks mouthwatering! Beautifully clicked.

FH said...

My fave flavor, Archy. Looks wonderful, I want it now! Oh wait! I do have Mango IC in my freezer! :)
Enjoy the Super Bowl.

Finla said...

May favourite icescream.
I want to have few scoops of these delicious icescream

AnuSriram said...

Lovely colour.... Yummy treat!

Yasmeen said...

I miss the Indian summers and the unbeatable taste of those bandi wala Ice creams.Your made the delectable ice cream appear so perfectly,I don't mind eating a scoop though its freezing outside:)

Savi-Ruchi said...

nangoo beku icecream..:(
icecream picture is very tempting
I need one clarification, what is whipped topping? where do I get it?

Srikitchen said...

wow! that looks perfect and delicious! parcel it to me

Archy said...

Thank you!! Tagondu tinni :) !!
Hey, U get this topping at Wallmart or Price chopper, any american grocery store.. Its ready made cream topping.. In a 8 oz tin.. Check this link for
Kraft Cool Whip Topping..

Purnima said...

Archy..what a lovely color n texture, scoops r just perfect! The pic also very pleasing to eyes! Lovely recipe, loved your childhood prank..icecandy one! :D

vandana rajesh said...

The mango icecream looks gr8. What is the whipped topping ingredient mentioned in the recipe. Would definitely love to try the recipe.

Usha said...

The mango ice cream looks fantastic, wish I could taste some of that right now :-)

Chitra said...

Hi archy..Iam crazy abt icecreams..Urs is simply lipsmacking,mouthwatering!!Do visit my blog at ur free time:)Thanks in advance..

Uma said...

wow, what a gorgeous icecream. Mouth-watering. Congrats on the award.

Nithya said...

Icecream looks yum yum.. :) Nice blog.. and the cutest thing I felt was the courtesy the blog was designed to have..:) It says thanks every time.. :) Cute one.. Keep it going.. Its the first time I came across your blog and sure gonna keep in touch.. :)

shadani said...

Thank You for sharing this recipe with us and you can also buy Mango Candy from Shadani group at the best price.