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Friday, December 14, 2007

Sabudhana Wada


Sabudhana Wada

This is one more entry to the Ekadashi Upavas section. This is my own recipe, as I invented this on last ekadashi day.

I think most of them know to make sabudhana wada, but i have added rajagara flour. This flour is mostly eaten on upavas day. Even i never knew about this flour, i was just browsing and found it. :). You can find it most of the indian store in US. Its looks similar to the wheat flour.

This recipe is for my husband who loves eating some thing new specially on upavas (as you cant eat most of the eatables)... and i like inventing some new recipes and testing it on him. :).. so the tested and approved recipe is as follows enjoy..!!


1/2 cup Sabudhana soaked
1/4 cup Potatoes boiled and smashed
3 - 4 tbsp Rajagara flour
1 tsp Ginger grated
3 tbsp Cilantro chopped
1 tsp red chilly powder
1/4 tsp termeric powder
Salt as per taste
Oil to deep fry (I use peanut oil)


1. Soak 1/2 cup of sabudhana in water for about 2 hours.The sabudhana will be doubled in its quantity after soaked.
2. Drain the water from sabudhana and add all of the ingrediants. You can add water to get the wada consistency.
3. Make small wada shape an deep fry them in oil.
4. Sabudhana wada are ready to be served.

Closer veiw of the sabudhana wada...

Sabudhana Wada


archana said...

Hello, this is another Archana. Welcome aboard, have fun in the fantastic world of food blogging.

Sagari said...

wada lookss deleciousssssss and so yummyy lovely snackk

Archy said...

Thank you, Archana and Sagari..

Meera said...

Hey, those look so delicious! I like your slides too. It gives a wonderful feel of a live cookery show!

Archy said...

Is it..Thanks a lot Meera.. :)

SMN said...

Hi Archana,

Luks delicious and tempting for the weather.

KonkaniBlogger said...


Nice vadas..look crunchy n srispy..Am new to blogging also..Came to ur site the first time..Nice work..

Archy said...

Thanks a lot SMN and Maya,...